About the Osmium Gallery

With the Osmium Gallery, we offer manufacturers and distributors of osmium jewellery and luxury products an online platform where they can present and promote theit products.

What is osmium?                                                                                                     

Osmium is an element with very special properties: it is absolutely forgery-proof, sparkles more than a diamond, does not rust – and is considered the rarest precious metal in the world. All this makes osmium not only a popular tangible asset, but also an exclusive jewellery metal. As a real newcomer in the jewellery trade, however, osmium is not yet very well known to the public. For this reason, Oslery GmbH has launched the Osmium Gallery: a dedicated online platform where designers, jewellers, goldsmiths and retailers can present their Osmium creations to a wider audience. So that you too can achieve more reach with your company – and at the same time help Osmium to become more widely known.

Osmium flat bar

How do I become a member?

To be included in the Osmium Gallery, simply register online. Use a form to submit a brief description of your company and the pictures of your osmium jewellery that you would like to be displayed on the Osmium Gallery. After your data has been examined and verified successfully, you too will be represented as an exhibitor in the Osmium-Gallery.

About Oslery

The Osmium Gallery is a service of Oslery GmbH. We work closely with the Osmium Institutes and are the first point of contact for all jewellers, designers and goldsmiths who wish to work with the rarest precious metal in the world. From the selection of the optimal semi-finished product to training on the technically complex processing to certification and advice for the osmium trade, our customers can count on our expertise.