The Signet Ring “Eclisse”

The Signet Ring "Eclisse" - Inspired by the majestic phenomenon of a solar eclipse

The "Eclisse" signet ring is made of high-quality materials, including 18-carat gold, osmium and tantalum. The basic material of the ring is 18 carat gold, which gives this piece of jewellery a noble and long-lasting quality. In addition, tantalum is embedded in the ring, which grants the design an extra dimension and sophistication. In an artful interweaving, the rare osmium is embedded in the tantalum, a detail that elevates the ring to a unique masterpiece. This rare precious metal, embedded in the heart of the jewel, symbolises the fascinating cloak of the sun during an eclipse, a mysterious dance of the stars. The "Made in Germany" seal proudly emblazoned on the Eclisse ring not only vouches for master craftsmanship but also for a dedication to quality.


  • Brand:Vasco
  • Material:Gold 18ct, Osmium, Tantalum
  • Delivery time:Ca. 4-5 weeks
  • Hallmark:ja
  • Country of manufacture:Germany