HEXAGON pt-schwarz
HEXAGON rosé-schwarz
HEXAGON schwarz-pt-rosé

Hexagon black

Black and mysteriously, the osmium shimmers in the dark

The HEXAGON rings imitate the crystal structure of osmium, which crystallises in the shape of a hexagon and produces an incomparable sparkle. Integrated into a metal as dark as black-rhodium-plated grey gold, the osmium shimmers and reflects even the smallest rays of light. The honeycomb structure of the rings makes it possible to wear two or even three rings on one finger at the same time. The different combinations of rings constantly create new osmium patterns and precious metal colour compositions.


  • Brand:Atelier Marion Knorr
  • Material:Grey gold 750, black-rhodium-plated
  • Delivery time:8 weeks
  • Hallmark:yes
  • Country of manufacture:Germany