Noble Osmium Pendant Yin-Yang

The rarest elements in perfect harmony: the Yin-Yang pendant

Especially in the rose gold variant, the Noble Osmium Yin-Yang pendant emphasizes the contrasts of the two elements: gold is visually warm and soft to work with, while osmium appears rather cool and is extremely hard. In combination, both precious metals are simply unbeatable. The icing on the cake is the small diamond in the eye of the osmium surface. The Yin-Yang pendant can be configured relatively freely, so other materials, such as mother-of-pearl, are also conceivable as a counterpart to the osmium.


  • Brand:Noble Osmium
  • Material:Rosegold 750
  • Delivery time:Up to 5 weeks (made to order)
  • Hallmark:ja
  • Country of manufacture:Germany